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So who is this Jesus, besides being the most controversial person in the world? To answer this question we really don't have too many options. Jesus claimed to be God, so if He is not God, he is either a liar or a delusional person, and in that case, who cares what he said or did? We definitely cannot call Him only a good man, only a moral reformer, only a teacher or just a prophet. We have to think about this truth. Jesus is either God or a liar.







Anger, as we know it, is such a waste of emotions and time. It doesn't solve anything; it makes everything worse. Why do we get angry? Because things are not going our way! Right? Anger is caused by fear, as well as insults, rejections, failed expectations and angry thoughts. Remember: "As a man thinks, so he is." We could spend our life being angry in our heart--and some people do. We always blame others for causing our anger. We say: "You make me so angry!" But in reality, others only draw out the anger that is already in us. If anger wasn't in us, they couldn't bring it out.

Once we start to look at anger as not being profitable, I think, we have gotten the message.








We all know what worry can do to us. We have all experienced it in some form. Problems are a fact of life. When anxiety overpowers us, it seems we cannot shake it. It is very distracting and takes away our peace and joy. Depression may set in, and we may end up a "basket" case. Treat your mind, not your emotions! Once we fully understand that our feelings only follow what we think; once we understand that we don't have an emotional problem, but a thinking problem, we are "home free."

Yes, we can avoid depression. God's love is the key. God is our fortress; start seeing yourself "there." Believe it and act upon it! Then nothing can disturb your peace. Rejoice in Jesus; thank Him for everything. Yes, you can live above your problems in this world, think of the glory of the kingdom of God.







Hope is what keeps us going. We hope for good things: a loving spouse and family, peace, health and prosperity, good paying job and promotions, great weather for the weekend, and the list goes on. Just recently I hoped that a hurricane wouldn't come my way--but it did. So as we can see, this kind of hope is not a solid hope. It may happen, or it may not. Anyone or anything in this world can shatter our hope.

But when I met Jesus, He elevated my hope. Jesus became my hope. And this hope is of a different quality, because God Himself stands behind His promises. My life has changed; I have changed. Everything started to make sense. What happened? I have fixed my hope on God.



This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both

                           sure and steadfast.                                  (Hebrews 6:19)




What a great illustration! This hope will carry me through my life here on earth, hold me in storms and tribulations, and it will keep me safe.









There is no joy or satisfaction apart from God (Ecclesiastes 2:24-26). This is the simple truth from the Word of God. Joy is listed in the Scriptures as the "fruit of the Spirit," along with love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22, 23). The fruit of the Spirit is a result of abiding in Christ Jesus--living by the Spirit. We, the believers, abide in God and God in us (1 John 4:15), so we have the potentials to experience all God's blessings and bear fruit for His kingdom.

Joy is not the same as happiness. In the older translations, the word "blessed" was used instead of "happy." It seems to be more fitting to me, since I connect the word "happiness" with circumstances and that which is only temporal. We can be happy one minute (things are going our way), and unhappy the next (things are not going our way).

It is not so with joy. Joy is solid and eternal. We can experience joy, even in adverse circumstances. How? As believers we can always think of God' love for us, His acceptance of us, and His total forgiveness. We can always rejoice in the truth that we are children of the living God--people who will spend eternity in His presence.








Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman. It is a great bond when functioning as intended by God.

When person enters marriage, it is no longer, "What is best for me?" but "What is best for the marriage?" Husband and wife become a team, a strong unit. In the Christian marriage where Jesus is Lord and Savior of both, the husband and the wife, marriage becomes a "cord" that is not quickly ripped apart.

My husband is not only my husband, he is also my brother in Christ, and I am his sister in Christ. This relationship will last for eternity!

Being a Christian woman, Jesus has already satisfied my needs for purpose and meaning in life. He loves me unconditionally. He accepted me fully and forgave me totally. I believe it, and I am satisfied! These needs are spiritual needs, and if we are looking to people and things to fulfill them, we are looking in all the wrong places. Eventually we will be disappointed. I know that only Jesus will never let me down.






If not, we implore you to ask Jesus into your heart and to become your Lord and Savior now.






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