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The Word of God is a mystery to all of those who don't know God personally, as well as to many who claim to know Him, but who read the Word with their human understanding, instead of being taught by the Holy Spirit. God inspired the writers of the Scriptures, and He alone will reveal the true meaning of it to those who diligently seek Him.

The author of this book—my wife—seeks the Lord with all her heart, mind, soul, and strength. This book is the result of her many hours and years of reading, studying, meditating, praying and listening to God with her heart.

It really started when two people came together—an ex-Catholic and an atheist. My wife was the atheist. We both found love, and not just love for each other, but the True Love—Jesus Christ. He taught us what love is all about—from His perspective.

This didn’t happen overnight. As brand new Christians, we attended several different churches and Christian gatherings, while we buried ourselves in the Bible at home. What we consider a true blessing is that we were able to get away for a few years—away from the “world,” from religion and people’s interpretations of the Scripture. This enabled us to give God full attention.

We spent hours and years studying the Bible, pondering it and discussing it. As I watched my wife Sonia study, she took notes, and more notes. This happened year after year. Eight years into the study, she started to put Scripture verses under different topic headings. By then, the “notebook” was four inches thick—hundreds of handwritten pages. My wife is not a slacker by any means, and she is very determined when she sets her mind to do something.

She did her studying with determination from God. I should mention that she was born and raised in Prague (formerly Czechoslovakia now the Czech Republic). When she came to America, she couldn’t speak a word of English. A few years later, she was reading the Bible in two languages and three or more translations at a time. She did all that thinking it was only for her personal study.

But God had a different plan. Many times she would ask me “What is it the Lord wants me to do?” And then one day she knew! “I have so much to share with others,” she said. This was four years ago.

Sonia took all the handwritten verses and notes and assembled them. Eventually, the individual chapters of this book started coming to life. Being away from “civilization,” she wrote the entire book by hand. Then last year she typed it into a computer, while learning Microsoft Word, English grammar, writing style, and editing. This book is a true labor of love. Glory to God!

What I really love about this book, which I have read many times, is that each chapter stands alone, is complete in its content, is backed up by Scripture, and even a child can understand. I love the simplicity of the way my wife put it all together—the clarity of Jesus’ teaching how to live by His Word, and the practicality of it all. In other words: The teaching of Jesus is simple, clear, and practical. I believe these books will give you the true answers for all facets of your life.

Use it for your personal or group study of the Word of God.

I highly recommend both books as  God inspired books that everyone should read.

Tony Filardo

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