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  • Do you have a problem understanding the Bible?

  • Do you have doubts about the Word of God?

  • Is the interpretation by others of the Word of God confusing you?

  • Are you depending on religion to teach you about God and His Word?

  • Do you have unanswered questions such as:


       Why am I not experiencing the abundant life Jesus promised?

       Why don't I pray more?

       Why don't I read the Bible more?

       Why do I sometimes feel like a hypocrite?

       Why am I so critical of others and myself?

       Why do I feel so unfulfilled in life?

       Why doesn't God talk to me?

       Why doesn't God use me?

       Why do I still struggle with sin?

       Does God really love me?

       Why do I have all these stumbling blocks in my life?

       Can I lose my salvation?

       Where is the rest Jesus promised?


These books were written to teach you and establish you in important biblical truths, and will give you answers to these and many other questions you may have. I cannot stress enough the importance of believing the following truths and acting upon them. As a believer:


  • You are a child of the living God

  • God loves you unconditionally

  • God accepted you in His Son

  • In Christ Jesus you are forgiven

  • Your identity is in Jesus now

  • All God's promises are yes

  • You have eternal life

  • You are not under the Law, but under Grace


The Word of God is a mystery to all who don't know Him personally, as well as to many who claim to know Him, but read the Bible with their human understanding and logic, instead of being taught by the Holy Spirit.

My desire is for all my readers to fall in love with Jesus, and to develop a real and meaningful relationship with Him. It is a relationship like none other! It will give you peace in this world and lift you up above your circumstances. It will give you hope and transform you into a loving, accepting, and forgiving person. The teachings of Jesus are simple, clear, and practical. I believe these books will give you the true answers for all facets of your life.

There are a total of 73 chapters in these books, each on a different topic (Eternal Life, Forgiveness, Freedom, Faith, Jesus Christ, Love, Prayer, Thankfulness, Wisdom, Marriage, Anger, Anxiety (including depression), God--the Father, Patience, World, Suffering, Tribulation, Joy, False Prophets, Death, Righteousness, and others. See "Table of Contents"). All the chapters are independent and supported by Scripture verses. The biblical teachings are given in a simple way that makes them easily understood.

These are exceptional books. The chapters can be used in different ways. Use them as devotionals. Use them for a personal Bible study. Share them with others in a group study of the Word. Use them to teach the Word of God. Each chapter stands alone. At the end of the chapter you will have closure on that particular subject.

These books are for all who seek the truth of God's Word; it is "YOUR FAITH IN GOD'S WORD AND ACTING UPON IT" for only The Truth Will Set You Free.

"Excerpts from both books are under the link "Wisdom"

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If not, we implore you to ask Jesus into your heart and to become your Lord and Savior now.











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